Unsent letter

Dear sir,

I am writing to officially inform you that my heart is healing, or at least it is trying to start working again. You definitely are the one that made me understand that love at first sight really exists. I needed to see you just for one second to understand that .It s fascinating how our hearts work: it had a brief glance at you and knew. It knew that to love somebody you do not have to be together, you do not need their presence, or sweet words; you can love a person just because they are who they are, in your life or not.

Unfortunately, my heart had to learn another important lesson, we do not always have the ones we love in our life, and we have to learn to accept that. I lost a very important person in my life but my feelings for her will never change only because she is not in my life anymore, only because she cannot give me advice or hugs anymore.

Nothing changes, you keep the memories with that person in a drawer in your heart and in case of emergency you go,grab the handle and open it – remember all the amazing things they taught you throughout their life, in 7 years or in just one day.

Thank you !

Yours truly,